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Server Information

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[ - Basic Server Information - ]
Server Rate: x5/x5/x3
Max Base Level: 99
Max Job Level: 50
Max Aspd: 190
Max Stats: 99
Max Zeny: 2B

[ - Server Feature's - ]
» Episode: 8.0 Niflheim start 
» Farming & Quest Economy On Server
» RMS Database On Quest
» Main Town: Prontera City
» Up/To Transcendent Job Class
» Party Gap 10
» Max Party 12
» Disabled MVP cards but allow MVP spawns on maps for boss hunt content. some players enjoy boss hunting.
» Disabled PVP. PvP room is advised. no PK allowed.
» Guild Capacity 56

[ - Basic NPC's - ]
» Reset Stats NPC. but charge players to reset their stats.
» Cash Shop (Cash points)
» Best Breaker Point NPC
» PvP Ladder NPC
» TOP MVP Ladder NPC
» Stylist NPC
» Your Reward NPC 14 days
» Guild Breaker Ladder NPC
» Top Guild Ranking Info NPC
» Hunting Mission (NPC Quest)
» Endless Tower (NPC Quest / Best Time Challenge)

Players Commands
@refresh @iteminfo @changegm @whereis @whosells @mapmoblist @whodrops @showexp @idsearch @hominfo @homstats /str+ /agi+ /dex+ /luk+ /int+
@command @duel



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