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The following rules and regulations are mandatory for everyone to follow to provide & maintain a stable Ragnarok Environment. Failure to comply can lead your accounts to be suspended or terminated


1. RESPECT. Each player should respect everyone's right to play and enjoy the game. You are NOT to bully, threaten or make anyone feel harassed.

2. OFFENSIVE APPROACH. You are NOT allowed to use any offensive in-game, guild & party names that may affect other players. We will not tolerate any form of bullying, harassment, racism or anything that leads to personal attacks.

3. ADVERTISEMENT. You are NOT to promote other servers or recruit other players to be part of a different server.

4. REAL MONEY TRADING. You are not allowed to sell/buy items in exchange to real money currencies. Please DO NOT engage in any of these transactions as both parties will be penalized.

5. SPAM Any form of spams & abuse that can cause game delays are not allowed.

6. THIRD PARTY PROGRAMS. You are not allowed to use any third party software that will affect the servers game play. BOTS & AFK FARMING ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED..

7. MACRO. The use of macro is ALLOWED but will not be tolerated when used as a tool to AFK Farm.

8. IMPERSONATION. NEVER impersonate a GM Staff member. Bear in mind that the staff names are colored as GOLD.

9. GM STAFF. Rest assured that ABYSS CLASSIC RO FAMILY staff are friendly and are willing to help at all times. You are not to disrespect them at any reason and you are more than welcome to raise your concern on our group/forum.

10.BUGS/EXPLOITS. It is very important for us to know any bugs that you may find inside the server. Kindly report them immediately so we can fix it straight away.


1. PERSONAL SECURITY. Never provide personal information on our group, forum and in-game. GM Staff will never ask for your information.

2. ACCOUNT SECURITY. You are not to provide any of our account information to anyone. GM Staff will never ask for your information.

3. SCAM/HACK. ABYSS CLASSIC RO FAMILY will not be liable to any hack/scam issues.

4. EMAIL ADDRESS. Use an email address that you will remember as it will be a crucial information that the staff will need in case of forgotten accounts.

5. SECURITY CODE. Each player is REQUIRED to use our @security command to ensure that your items are at safe.

*The above mentioned rules and regulations may change or be updated in the future.
*Please be aware of the rules & regulations to avoid account suspension/termination

Let's all help each other to build a stable and a long term Ragnarok Community!


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